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Digital Displays : DCL-300

The model DCL300 Digital Counter has four (4) - three-inch high digits composed of 18 individual LED's. Provide exceptional visibility to 60 feet even under high overhead lighting conditions.

Accepts your switch closure through miniature jack provided to count up to 9999. Resets on your switch closure through separate miniature jack. Plug into 115VAC, 60Hz grounded outlet.

Ideal for any counting applications where results need to be seen from a distance. Eliminates need to be within several feet of counter to monitor production.

Creates competition between similar assembly lines to improve output.

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Digit Size: 3 inches

Count Rate: 25 per second with standard anti-bounce circuit. Higher rates are available

Digit Color: Red

Reset Input: Contact closure

No. of Digits: 4

Power Input: 115 VAC, 60Hz, 5watts (1/10 amps)

Count Input: Contact closures

Readable distance: 60 feet plus